Anthem and Song

Philippine Bar Association - Anthem and Song


Melody by Jose Mari Chan
Lyrics by Atty. Carlos G. Platon  †

We are the PBA
Heirs to a glorious past
Kindred in noble purpose
To blaze the future’s path.

Let us be the shield
Against lies and oppression
Let us be the light
To bring justice home.

Through time we have stood constant
Faithful to our oath,
Champions of the oppressed
Guardians of the truth.

Under our watch
Let no one be denied
Under our watch
Let no one be deprived.

Our fight for justice
Is a fight that we shall wage
With fervor and honor
To the very end.


Lyrics and Music by
Justice Gloria C. Paras

PBA are we lawyers pledge to loyalty,
To the constitution and laws of our country,
Philippines beloved, we harken to your call
That there will be justice and equality for all.

PBA are we, lawyers true to our oath,
Of fidelity and respect to our country
Striving selflessly so that no man is delayed
In claiming rights, in settling suits and righting wrongs.

PBA, PBA, Philippine Bar Association
The best association of lawyers true and strong,
Hail to you, PBA a brightly shining star so near.
You dazzling light so clear, our PBA.