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On 2 February 2022, there were several disqualification cases pending at the COMELEC against then Presidential candidate Bong Bong Marcos. COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon started making noise on social media about the failure of the Division of which she was a part to release a decision regarding the disqualification cases.

Pinky Webb the host of “The Source.” a news show on the television news channel CNN, spoke with Commisoner Guanzon who was on her last day as COMELEC Commissioner, since she was already retiring. Afterwards, she spoke with Philippine Bar Association (PBA) Assistant Secretary Arnel Victor C. Valeña about the statement released by the PBA about the controversy.

In a nutshell, the statement called on the COMELEC to already issue a Decision, pursuant to law and COMELEC’s own agreed-upon timetable. This way, the voting public will already know the status of BBM’s candidacy, and BBM and his detractors would also know how to proceeed and already avail of the legal remedies available to them, as needed.

Atty. Valeña noted that it is unfortunate that Commissioner Guanzon’s actions may have already given the public a reason to question whatever Decision the COMELEC would release. He emphasized that the rule of law should be followed so that the COMELEC will not be accused of any anomaly in coming up with the Decision of the disqualification case, whatever it would be.